World AI Show & Blockchain Summit – Singapore

World AI Show – Singapore 2019

The Artificial Intelligence industry is on the rise, and Singapore is trying its best to become one of the hubs of AI in more than just the Asia Pacific region. Given that AI could account for almost $215 billion in more than 10 industries by the year 2035, their goal is more than reasonable.

To that end, the Southeast Asian country served as host for the World AI Show, a gathering of more than 300 of the best Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Data Scientists, Chief Data Officers, government representatives, investors and other industry stakeholders. After India, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Dubai and Mauritius, the 9th edition of the global World AI Show series brought these experts in Singapore together to deliberate on the various ways AI can be applied and how it can change the way businesses and governments perform in the future. The show was organised by international business events and consulting firm, Trescon.

Speakers at the World AI Show included Dragana Beara (Portfolio Messaging Director for Dell Technologies, Asia Pacific and Japan); Prof. Sean Lam (Head of Data Science – SingHealth); Sutowo Wong (Director of Analytics & Information Management Division – Singapore Ministry of Health Data Analytics Group) and Dr Terence Hung (Chief of Future Intelligence – Rolls-Royce Singapore PTE Ltd) among others.

The World AI Show also held the Startup Grand Slam, a global pitch competition for startups in the future-tech space. The winner of the startup competition was Opu Labs Inc, a company that provides skin health analysis for clients in digital solutions. The runner up was Trsts, a decentralized storage network that uses the blockchain to store documents.

Dragana Beara delivered one of the keynote speeches and spoke at length on how AI has improved the human condition. She also talked about how AI in the future would handle all the tedious and overbearing tasks that humans find difficult.

Also, a part of the event was Kryon’s Warren Ledingham’s workshop on “How to Save 80% of Your Automation Implementation Time”, and the interaction with Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann and ‘Nadine’, her human-like female robot with the ability to remember past and interact socially with others.

Conference Partners of World AI Show 2019 included: Dell Technologies, Kanerika, Kryon, Darktrace, DDN Storage, QualityKiosk Technologies, and ADVANCE.AI.

Trescon’s CEO and Founder, Mohammed Saleem, was effusive about Singapore’s role in the future of AI and Robotics. He also mentioned how Trescon was focused on bringing some of the best experts, creative minds, startups, and investors in AI to drive the AI ecosystem in Singapore. This would improve business opportunities in Singapore, and that would extend to companies on the international stage.

Other key participants in World AI Show included ANZ, Rolls-Royce, Standard Chartered, Temasek, Air Asia, Beyonics, BT, Electrolux, Alps, Keppel Infrastructure, Mitsubishi Corporation, RL Capital Management, and many others.

Upcoming World AI Shows later this year will be held in Qatar (26 November 2019), (Riyadh (16-17 September), India (16-17 October) and Bangkok this December.

World Blockchain Summit – Singapore 2019

Singapore is not just the origin of one of the largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) markets; it is also a hotbed of innovation and creativity in cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

All of these made it very suitable that Singapore hosted the 13th global edition of World Blockchain Summit this year.

The World Blockchain Summit is a unique meeting of industry stakeholders like Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), investors, experts, Chief Digital Officers, and Blockchain Heads to join in various panel discussions, keynotes and presentations.

Prominent figures like Alex Mashinsky and Tim Draper delivered keynote speeches on cryptocurrency and blockchain in the current age. The summit featured discussions on the regulations and legal issues surrounding cryptocurrency in Asia and the impact of the cryptocurrency and blockchain on the banking industry.

Alex Mashinsky, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Celsius Network and often referred to as the Godfather of VoIP, spoke at length about the revolutionary nature of cryptocurrency, decentralization and the blockchain. He also described how the blockchain is the fourth system that is here to replace what’s not working for 7 billion people that cannot rise to the middle-class.

Tim Draper gave a powerful speech in which he extolled the virtuous nature of cryptocurrency and how it was poised to create an incredible shift in the sociological ecosystem. He added that the next five to ten years are critical for those involved in the blockchain system, especially those issuing an ICO.

During the summit, Herbert Sim, also known as The Bitcoin Man, was inducted as an investor and advisor into Future1Exchange, a digital crypto exchange organization in Estonia.
The 13th edition of the World Blockchain Summit global series was organized by international business events and consulting firm, Trescon at the Marina Bay Sands.

Trescon has been organizing events for over six decades and has created exhibitions, industry conferences and summits in various countries around the world. The company has brought many experts, investors and other relevant stakeholders together to discuss and collaborate.
The Startup Grand Slam was also held at the World Business Summit. It is one of the biggest yearly events where startups from all over the world are allowed to pitch their business ideas to renowned international investors like the aforementioned, Herbert Sim (The Bitcoin Man), Kevin Soltani (the Creator and Head of the GIMA Group and the California Blockchain Alliance), and Vanessa Koh (GBCI Ventures’ Chief Technology Officer, Singapore).

This year’s winner was AgUnity, a tech platform of smartphones and operating systems that serve to provide those people who aren’t connected to basic services with cost-effective means of communication and open lines of transparent trade. The runner up was GLBrain, a network based on content creation that allows innovative and unique features for use in the creation, publishing and sharing of articles and stories.

The Singapore edition of World Blockchain Summit was sponsored by eBank Technology, Kanerika, ACO, Organic Farm City, Capitual, and Astrome.

The summit also featured exhibitions from F4map, Minddeft, Beldex Exchange, Labuan IBFC, MDxBlocks, Fortunesoft IT Innovations, AgUnity, indieOn, GLBrain, Bitcrore, and

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