Travel, Enjoy, Make Money, or Get Great Quality Goods

Delivit (iOS/Android, Free) was bound to happen eventually: it was only a matter of time before someone simplified and automated the age-old process of getting a friend who was travelling to “pick up this cool thing at the duty-free shop”. With Delivit, you have a world of new friends.

The app is fairly simple: if you are interested in a product from a particular country that’s available at the duty-free shop, you just have to place a bid amount and list it. If you’re travelling from that country to the user’s home country, you contact them and make a bid for the cost (adding in the work of travelling and delivering said product). An arrangement is made through messaging, and you pick up the item.

Arrange for delivery through different travellers
Make an offer and let travellers decide on how much they will charge to arrange a drop-off
Travellers looking to make a little money as they travel can easily arrange to pick up items for users
Duty-free shops offer great bargains that are worth using the app to save money on big-name items
Easy-to-use interface makes it easy and fun for buyers and shoppers

Delivit handles all the details, including a digital wallet that makes paying for items simple. From beginning to end, Delivit makes the process of getting items you want from around the world easy and fun– and a way to “pay it forward” when you travel, making money yourself!

Verdict: Delivit is a great app that fills a real void in the market– get products quickly and efficiently, while people travelling can make some money on the side with minimal effort just by picking up and dropping off goods they would have just passed by. This is a unique and fun app.