A Great Shopping App that Works on the Buyer – Seller Model to Build Buying Relationships Locally

WhatsPrice (Android, Free) is a shopping app that uses a sort of price comparison model where sellers can offers their prices for the products on requests while building local business through online searching. Because WhatsPrice allows physical stores in a local area to get in on all the action of online shopping, its focus is on getting customers to find quality items in local stores rather than go through the online buy & ship model. WhatsPrice makes it easy to find prices in-app that are competitive with online pricing models, so customers can find that perfect item right near home– and let them know if they’re available.

  • Simple sign-up process and a clean, easy to use interface that helps you find what you are looking for and offer requests
  • An extremely wide variety of everything from clothing to housewares to home appliances are available for purchase on the site
  • Search from area stores so pricing, communication and product pick-up are extremely easy and straightforward
  • Find local stores offering what you want online, while competitively priced and ready for pick-up that day
  • Features such as MatchMyChoice make it easy for users to find their choice of products at nearby stores
  • Takes advantage of real time product availability updates to help ensure the buyers doesn’t waste time with unavailable items.

Verdict: WhatsPrice is impressive in terms of the sheer size of the selection of items that are locally available at stores around the user, leveraging the power of online updating so users know what’s near them in real world stores. WhatsPrice has makes it easy to choose the best local price for an item and find what you want. For people who are interested in shopping and finding the items that they want nearby, WhatsPrice is the ideal app.