Traffic Rider

The Makers of Traffic Racer Have a New Moto-Racing Hit on Their Hands

Traffic Racer (iOS/Android, Free) is getting better and better with each update, and is shaping up to be the game to get when it comes to motorcycle racing. With a new career mode with 26 different missions and lots of roads, fans of motorcycle games will not be disappointed with Traffic Racer.

The game is pretty easy to get into– you can choose from 24 different motorbikes and get started with straightforward racing or a career mode once you’ve gotten pretty good at maneuvering. The career mode places you in dozens of missions to complete, which allow you to improve your bike as you successfully complete them. The game has a leaderboard allowing you to compete with friends and players around the world.

The game doesn’t deal with timers or fuel, as do many other racing sims. However, this is seemingly intentional as the game emphasizes travel and completing missions, where focusing on fuel could make the game somewhat cumbersome: as it is, the game zips by and you can play for hours while losing a sense of time. In short, Traffic Rider is a lot of fun.

Verdict: Fans of motorcycle racing games will love Traffic Rider. It’s fun, has sharp and detailed graphics, and infinitely customizable, and the career mode promises hours and hours of non-stop racing entertainment– with a lot of in-app customizations that will enhance the experience overall.

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