Best Property Buy App

Advanced Features Make it Easier For Investors and Property Managers to Decide on New Properties

Best Property Buy App (iOS/Android, Free) is pretty simply named, but rather accurate: the app is designed to make it easier for investors to know which properties to invest in. The app works by aggregating financial data surrounding the property as well as a host of other property metrics to make a decision much easier.

Best Property Buy works by combining winning investor strategies with automation for things that normally would have required folders of paper. The app comes with an inspection feature, allowing you to take pictures and make notes that would have in the past required significantly more paper and time. It can also collect financial data you need on the property. Once you’ve made your choices when it comes to ideal properties, the app then allows the user to compare and contrast the different properties against each other.

Most of the features are fairly intuitive, so in the end, the biggest strength of the app may be the speed it adds to the decision making process. The ability to choose up to ten properties at once and then to automate the difficult process of comparing and contrasting makes this a real value for property investors.

Verdict: Best Property Buy is an ambitious attempt to use mathematical wisdom to help make smarter human decisions when it comes to real estate, and it shines in how it works. Anyone working in the field will immediately recognize why this it’s useful for making the process of acquisition faster and more efficient than before.