Candy Camera

Fix and Modify Features in Real Time– Pictures Look Right the First Time

Candy Camera (iOS/Android, Free) is a neat little photo-editing app that turns traditional photo editing around: the app allows you to apply filters in real time instead of after the picture is taken, bringing back a favourite feature of older mobile cameras but with a much more robust feature base.

With real time editing, Candy Camera allows you to apply filters quickly while taking the picture. The filters are then applied as the picture is taken. The app also features a wide variety of stickers and features that should make the average photo enthusiast very happy, including collage options and a “movie” mode, which allows you to turn your pictures into a video.

Most of the in-app features are free, but one can purchase an even wider variety of stickers to quickly make fun pics as they’re taken for easy sharing. The app’s real strength, however, lies in its ability to enhance the existing camera to do a lot more with pics as they’re being taken, and is what will keep users coming back to Candy Camera. The app makes taking pictures fun, so both heavy and light photographers will enjoy it.

Verdict: Candy Camera is different, and it works because of that difference, which will likely lead to users feeling better about their pictures. By placing how the user wants the picture to look at the outset, the original vision when taking it is better established than trying to modify it later.